As Future Classics moves into its sixth year of existence, some big changes are on the way for the 2018 season. As you may have seen from our recent Facebook post, we have introduced a new barrier time for the class. This new barrier will be accompanied by the original barrier and will allow us to run two separate championships. This structure is modelled upon the A&B classes used by the very successful Formula Vee Championship. Our proposed title will be the “Super Future Classics” and the “Future Classics”. We won’t go into any great detail for now as our technical regulations are still in the approval stages at Motorsport Ireland.

So what does this mean for the class? An important criteria of the Future Classics class is the “Twenty-One Year Rule” (see Future Classics Technical Regulations 1.1 – Car Eligibility) but we have noticed there is a big difference between the pace of the newer more modern eligible cars compared to the older cars. This new barrier time should help these more modern cars fit in better and have the opportunity to race in a very competitive but friendly atmosphere. It also allows drivers to progress naturally from the original barrier into the faster one as they advance their driving skills or even further develop the race car.Proposed new barrier times

Mondello Park National 1:07

Mondello Park International 2:06.5

Kirkistown 1:11

The original barrier will remain the same as last year for anyone who wants to remain in this championship.

As most may already know we have opened up our regulations to allow the newer Mark II Punto Abarth in for 2018. Again the main reason for this is to allow these great cars to have somewhere to race again and be competitive. We think there is roughly nineteen of these cars knocking around garages all over Ireland, so to get some of these cars back on track would be great.

In 2017 we saw a slight dip in our grid numbers, with some drivers taking a year or two out and others moving into other classes. We knew changes needed to be made and we got mixed reaction to the new barrier but the majority understand that for the class to grow we must build it and make these necessary changes.

New & returning drivers expected in 2018.

We have many new drivers expected in 2018 some are confirmed and some are fairly solid leads. Trevor Kinsella who has confirmed he will join the grid next year in his Fiat Punto Abarth. Trevor is a well seasoned racer having competed in the original and highly regarded Punto Abarth Championship. Other names being thrown in the ring are Vinnie Keogh and Calvin Pratt but not yet confirmed.

We hope to see many more new faces in 2018 and even more old faces to make a return.